Women are having a Moment

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The Golden Globes are starting soon, and people all over the country are watching the red carpet — not for the usual feats of fashion worn on some of the most beautiful women in the world, but because these women are wearing black and speaking up about the inequity and harassment that has plagued Hollywood and every other workplace for far too long. I’m here for it.

Women are preparing to run for office in record numbers in response to the November 2016 elections and all that has ensued in 2017. We are mobilizing, getting trained, putting together strong campaign teams. We already have won municipal and state delegate seats around the country; and senatorial, congressional, and legislative candidates are galvanizing to unseat anyone who does not vote our best interest. I’m blessed to work with these women everyday, and I’m here for it.

I’m here for the hashtags. I’ve been harassed in professional and social environments. The #MeToo social media movement confirmed what I’ve always known — I’m not alone. New Year’s Day presented us with an addition to the movement, #TimesUp. And it is. The time is up for being silent while we are ignored, underpaid and used as props for a false male security. The time also is up for getting attention, not for our intelligence, ingenuity and accomplishments, but our bodies, sex appeal and cookie cutter ideals of beauty.

I’m here for the women who are speaking out in the New York Times and in their Human Resources departments. I’m here for the women who are jumping into politics (and if you’re thinking about it, please let me know!!). As I’ve heard so many times in the past few months, the future is female.

I’ve also heard that women are having a moment. But we aren’t. Women are having a breakthrough. Moments are fleeting. A woman having a moment is a way to dismiss her. She is highly emotional. She is hormonal. She will come to her senses eventually. Moments imply that the pendulum will swing back to what had become our unfortunate normal. It won’t. Because of this breakthrough, things will never be the same. Women will never be the same. Each day, each moment, we become more empowered, more outspoken, more steadfast, more free.

We are not having a moment. We are tearing into our purpose. We are shaping our art, our government, our economy and our society. We’re amazing in every way and in every space we occupy.

The future is female. I’m here for it.

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